TNSTC Enthusiast’s another Miniature Bus – TNSTC Coimbatore Apple Cut Model made by Rethish, Coonoor

Rethish from Coonoor Ooty, Moderator of TNSTC Enthusiasts has created a Miniature Bus of Apple Cut Model by TNSTC Coimbatore

Rethish | Moderator

On Event of TNSTC’s 50th Year Celebrations, Our Moderator Rethish from Coonoor, Nilgiris had made Miniatures of TNSTC Coimbatore Mid 2000’s Apple Cut Model Bus.

TNSTC Enthusiasts inorder to honor and encourage him posting the pictures of Miniature Bus here, Congratulations! Great Job!!

Team, TNSTC Enthusiasts

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