“A ride in 3.33” A Bus/Travel Confession by Arun Bhaarat | TNSTC Enthusiasts

“A ride in 3.33 Bengaluru - Salem” A Bus/Travel Confession by Arun Bhaarat | TNSTC Enthusiasts

Travel Review – Confession : 002/TNSTC-SLM/Feb 2021
த.அ.போ.க சேலம் (தருமபுரி மண்டலம்)
சேலம் அஸ்தம்பட்டி பணிமனை
TN 29 N 2822
1to1 Electronic City Express 3.33
பெங்களூரு – சேலம்
வழி: ஓசூர், கிருஷ்ணகிரி, தருமபுரி (Non Stop-All Bypass)

Date : 25 May 2019

<>We were in situation of boarding any bus as we got tired. Suddenly, the 3.33 bus came.
<>We boarded the bus in Lal Bagh at 4.00pm with empty seats. I felt happy but not for long time. The conductor promised that the bus reached within 3.33 hrs. from electronic city.
<>As it was weekend day, the passengers rushed to the bus at Madiwala stop. Finally the bus was full  even with standing passengers.
<>The conductor got down at Silk board after closing the stage. The bus started with a cruising speed 75kmph on fly over service
<>Too much traffic up to Attibele the bus went slowly. After crossing the border. We travelled in the heavy rain with thunderstorms.
<>This is the first new-bie seeing with Pneumatic doors. This was my first impression and experience.
<>It crossed Hosur at 5.35pm with heavy rain.
<>Between Krishnagiri and Hosur the ride was awesome. The bus roared at a max speed of 96kmph.We overtook two TNSTC , one SETC, a local private speed and KSRTC old corona bus but KSRTC gave a revenge and overtook us. I felt sad.
<>It crossed Krishnagiri at 6.30pm.
<>Finally the bus stopped in a good refreshment stall for bio break and tea break at 6.45pm in Kannamangalam. It was a decent place. We ate snacks. Super taste. This was my second impression.
<>The bus started at 7pm and crossed Dharmapuri at 7.27pm.
<>Again Toll gate traffic in Thoppur. One passenger requested to stop the bus for Nature call. The driver stopped for him.
<>The bus again started with a maiden speed of 70kmph.Some passengers dropped in Thoppur ,Dhevatiipatti and Karupur. Finally crossed Periyar university at 8.40pm.
<>Finally reached Salem B.S at 8.55pm with a delay of 30min from 3.30hrs

Journey Duration: 5Hrs
Ticket Fare: ₹225/-
Overall: 90/100

Pros: Good audio system, Pneumatic doors, Money saving, Good refreshment stall
Cons: No hammer and fire extinguisher.

Thanks to Confessor,
Team – TNSTC Enthusiasts
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