These are all the common Saftey features present in TNSTC, SETC, MTC Buses

Door Open Button During Emergency

  • These buttons are present in interior and exterior of the bus, near to the door. Which is use to open the door during emergency situations.
  • By this feature passengers need not to depend on crew.

Emergency Exit & Windows

  • All Non Ac buses has 1 Rear Emergency Exit and 2 breakable Emergency Windows at front.
  • All A/c buses have minimum 3 emergency breakable Windows at either sides.

Safety Hammer & Medic Kit

  • All the Buses have 4 Safety Hammers, mostly present near the emergency exits and also near the Driver cabin.
  • The Medic kit (firstaid) usually present at back side of the driver cabin.

Fire Extinguisher & Buzzer

  • All the buses have 2 Fire Extinguisher, one at front and other at back. Mostly present near the cabin and emergency exits.
  • All the buses have one safety buzzer which is present near the driver cabin which is used to alert the passenger during the time of emergency.

The Common Additional Features present in the TNSTC, SETC, MTC Buses

Features for Differently-Abled Persons

  • Each and every bus have 2 Special seats for Differently-Abled persons, which is present usually near the front & rear doors.
  • These seats will have additional features like Crutches Holder and Bell Switch. some buses has Wheelchair access too.
  • The Bell Switch can be used to indicate the driver to stop the bus.

Fan for Driver and VIP seat

  • The Small fan is fixed to driver cabin, also another fan is fixed above the VIP seat (Available only in the TNSTC buses).

Bell Switches

  • All the buses have minimum 3 bell switches.
  • These switches are used to give the Stop Signal to driver when it is pressed.

Reverse Parking Sensor

  • This kind of sensors are present in the rear bumper of the bus which is used to give the signal (Beep Sound) to driver while parking or reversing.
  • The Range sensor is used to calculate the distance between the bus and obstacle and sound varies according to it.

Mobile Charger & Speakers

  • The mobile Charging points are given in all the seats for individual person.
  • Mostly long distance buses like SETC and TNSTC Economy Ac Searter have charging points.
  • These Speakers where fixed in all buses for announcement system as well to play music.

Sanitizer Provided in Entrance

During this Pandemic Situation all bus are provided with sanitizer near the entrance (Rear door)