Santhapriyan Kamaraj | Founder & Chief Admin

Santhapriyan Kamaraj (born May 18, 1993) is an Indian Transport Enthusiast, Mechanical Design Engineer and Travelogue Writer born in Salem, Tamilnadu. He is best known as the founder of TNSTC Enthusiasts along with Vijay Narayanan.

It was 2017. Who would have thought that one man’s idea of creating a Facebook group after some bitter experiences, the group was created as a venue to share his passion about bus photography would turn into one of the most respected and largest sites on the internet for the bus enthusiasts. A lot of success in Life has to do with being in the right place at the right time. Santhapriyan had a knack for being right there.

The timing could not have been better than that. In 2017 Santhapriyan was at a crossroads in his Life. He had just completed the internship integrated training at ISRO -IPRC Mahendragiri and was looking for something new to explore. Something that would allow him to return to his first passion; bus fanning and photography. His enduring curiosity kept him learning about new things that captured his interest, especially when they related to photography, emerging technology & sciences about buses and public transport.  Also he is a Travelogue writer the link to his travelogue blog is given below.